I saw a sex doll documentary the other day and was immediately floored with Uncanny Valley.  If you are unfamiliar with “Uncanny Valley” it means that you get the heeby jeebies whenever you see a doll that looks to similar to a human.

Lately, sex doll fanatics have been becoming more and more sophisticated at creating life like dolls to have sex with.  To each their own, i suppose, but you will not catch me putting my penis anywhere near one of the dolls.

However for lonely people lifelike sex dolls can be a saving grace and make life happy again.  Which I am all for, just keep it in the bedroom please.

I learned all about this on a sex doll documentary netflix added last week.  The story follows a scientist and sex doll engineer who has had a career pushing the limits of realism in the art form.  He has faced alot of criticism over his journey from christian groups who want the dolls made illegal.  He explains his stance in a memorable quote shown on the documentary’s description:

If you are not used to the appearance of a silicone sex doll then you will be creeped out.  However once you have spent a few weeks with them it feels normal, and they are just a canvas for your work.

Wise words indeed, they remind me of how i was scared of my daughters silicone baby toy when she first got it.  Then after having it around the house for the while i started to realize it wasn’t human.  Depending on the person, people will have different time to adjust to the near human faces.

If you want to learn more you can watch the documentary on Netflix.  There are also lots of meetups and chatrooms around the internet for sharing your thoughts with.  Happy surfing!