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The Beauty and the… Sex Doll?

I saw a sex doll documentary the other day and was immediately floored with Uncanny Valley.  If you are unfamiliar with “Uncanny Valley” it means that you get the heeby jeebies whenever you see a doll that looks to similar to a human.

Lately, sex doll fanatics have been becoming more and more sophisticated at creating life like dolls to have sex with.  To each their own, i suppose, but you will not catch me putting my penis anywhere near one of the dolls.

However for lonely people lifelike sex dolls can be a saving grace and make life happy again.  Which I am all for, just keep it in the bedroom please.

I learned all about this on a sex doll documentary netflix added last week.  The story follows a scientist and sex doll engineer who has had a career pushing the limits of realism in the art form.  He has faced alot of criticism over his journey from christian groups who want the dolls made illegal.  He explains his stance in a memorable quote shown on the documentary’s description:

If you are not used to the appearance of a silicone sex doll then you will be creeped out.  However once you have spent a few weeks with them it feels normal, and they are just a canvas for your work.

Wise words indeed, they remind me of how i was scared of my daughters silicone baby toy when she first got it.  Then after having it around the house for the while i started to realize it wasn’t human.  Depending on the person, people will have different time to adjust to the near human faces.

If you want to learn more you can watch the documentary on Netflix.  There are also lots of meetups and chatrooms around the internet for sharing your thoughts with.  Happy surfing!

How to Stay Safe in the Online Dating Scene

Don’t exchange private data online.

Hold back until you really satisfy the person and make up an amount of trust before you decide to share your address, telephone number or real current email address. (You normally make use of an encrypted email on these websites.)

If you are unfamiliar with technology or unsure things to write in your profile, ask a more youthful friend, relative or co-worker that will help you. Don’t allow too little familiarity prevent you from taking part in internet dating. Odds are excellent that somebody already knows the ropes and could be prepared to help coach you. Most online dating services offer guidelines to help you get began.

Never provide your surname, address, or any other personal or financial information to someone you haven’t met. Rather than, under any conditions, give money to a person you do not know well and also have not met personally. This is applicable to anybody you meet online, whether or not it’s in an online dating or any other site. Watch out for any potential partner who asks you directly for money, in order to cash a cash order or check.

The first time you meet

Meet somewhere public, clearly. I am not to imply you have to visit a loud, crowded bar, but go somewhere public. Never meet at his home, or yours. Better yet, choose a meeting place that isn’t where you live.

Many people choose to keep first conferences short, for example for drinks, Personally, i see no problem with meeting for supper if that is what you love to do. The primary factor would be to make certain there are more people around. A stroll inside a park is romantic, but reserve it for in the future. (It will likely be more enjoyable when you are super into one another anyway!).

4th, stay sober. This can be apparent, but alcohol creates bad judgement and that i have known a lot of ladies who have stated yes to visiting my house following a couple of drinks. Now remember, I’m a secure guy and they are most however, alcohol impairs our senses and also the last factor you need to say each morning is, “Why did I actually do that?”

Watch out for crazy talk

While scams are frequently local, many originate from abroad. Their messages are full of bad grammar and frequently come with an odd tone. (Think about the fake Nigerian prince email scams a lot of us have obtained.)


How to Make the Ultimate Online Dating Profile

Be Genuine

Not every internet dating sites are identical. Regardless of what service you utilize (or maybe you’re meeting people online) you’re working for the same goal: finding someone you are interested in. While you’re making your personal profile, attempt to bear in mind that there is a real person behind their own. They would like to meet someone that they like, too. This means that the very best factor that you can do on your own is be somebody worth dating. Then show it.

This is actually the part that journeys up many people because putting your self on a dating site can seem to be inherently vulnerable. It feels a little abnormal to list out every positive facet of yourself, and for those who have any insecurities (which everybody does), it’s very easy to allow them to appear inside your profile. However, the character of dating assumes you have something valuable to provide a potential partner. You believe there’s a very good reason for somebody up to now you, right? Well, highlight that!

This doesn’t mean bragging about how exactly awesome you’re, or just being condescending to individuals who don’t recognize your apparent greatness. This means combing hair or wearing a pleasant shirt prior to taking an image. This means clogging your gutters profile with stuff that cause you to unique and fascinating, instead of listing the “demands” you’ve for any mate. This means investing in some effort. Consider it like heading out for income interview: you need to place your best face forward. Don’t lie, but don’t half-ass it either.

1) Concentrate on the most significant things.

Consider five adjectives that best describe you. Then, determine and write lower what’s most significant for you, not everything that’s vital that you you. Would you such as the Smiths, or are you currently obsessed and try to determine every Smiths cover band in your area?

Write an attention-grabbing headline. Think about the 100-character box towards the top of your profile being an chance to create a thrilling first impression. Select a favorite movie quote or perhaps a line or more from the book that’s significant for you. Put lower a short review of your most unusual experience or possibly an interesting conversation.

You may open with something clever.

Don’t attempt to include all things in this initial area. You’ll have ample space later to talk about certain facets of your personality. Avoid list-like writing whenever you can.

It may be useful to think about the kind of person that you’d like to lure together with your profile. What’s going to they react to? That’s the kind of information you need to include either here or lower the page. While in doubt it is usually easier to cast a large internet and type with the responses.

Being a storyteller through and through

Your profile informs a tale. It should not be a singular (think about this an added bonus tip!), however a short story that captures your personality. It could tell the storyline of the sports, ambitious world traveler, or perhaps a nerdy, sincere introvert. Or it might tell the storyline of the bitter, demanding perfectionist. Take a look at profile, photos and text together and get yourself:

Who shall we be held turning up as? What story shall we be held telling of my existence?

Your story is dictating who’s drawn to you, so make certain you’re grabbing the interest from the right people. Should you aren’t capable of being objective regarding your profile, ask someone you trust to see it for you personally. Could it be highlighting your very best characteristics? What exactly are you saying between your lines? Could it be what your ideal partner really wants to hear?

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